A two-day program that runs Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-12pm.
Tuition is $155/month.


A three-day program that runs Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8am-12pm.
Tuition is $200/month.

Entrance Age is based by age on or by September 1.

We enroll up to 16 children in our four-year-old classes,
and 14 children in our three-year-old class.

All classes have two teachers.


Classes are open!

*Four-year-old classes are full.*  

If you would like your child placed on our waitlist, please fill out the registration form using the link below, but do not pay the registration fee.  You will be contacted if space becomes available.

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Daily Rhythm

Drop off - Free Choice, Parent Communication 8:00 AM
Morning Circle 8:30 AM
Small Group Activities 9:00 AM
Prayer & Snack 10:30 AM
Physical Activity 11:00 AM
Large group Activities - Bible Story, Music, Show & Tell 11:30 AM
Pickup 12:00 PM