A two-day program that runs Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-11:30am.
Tuition is $175/month.



A three-day program that runs Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8am-12pm.
Tuition is $230/month.

Entrance Age is based by age on or by September 1.

We enroll up to 14 children in our four-year-old classes,
and 12 children in our three-year-old class.

All classes have two teachers.


Registration is open!

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4s Class Daily Rhythm

Drop off - Table Activities, Free Choice, Parent Communication 8:00 AM
Morning Circle 8:30 AM
Small Group Activities 9:00 AM
Prayer & Snack 10:00 AM
Bathroom & Recess 10:45 AM
Large group Activities - Bible Story, Music, Show & Tell 11:30 AM
Pickup 12:00 PM